I feel terrible.

Earlier today I remembered that I’d forgotten to take my allergy pill. I remembered this because my face was congested, I had a headache and a stomach ache and I just felt awful in general. I also slept a good 4-5 hours more than I expected to.

I figured I’d catch up on my allergy pills by taking two of them, one to make up for last night and one for today. However, after several hours of wrestling with these same symptoms, I’d noticed that nothing was changing. I still had all of the same symptoms.

This means that allergies are out. And using the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, it was clear that it was time to start ddxing for Ebola.

I took my temperature and the news is grim. It appears as though I’m running a 2,001 degree (F) temperature, putting me well into the Ebola range. Sorry for the bad picture, but my body was beginning to melt the thermometer due to the extreme heat.

Due to this difficult news, there’s a 60/40 chance according to the WHO that I won’t survive for much longer. If this is the case, then that means I will stop streaming, effective as soon as I die.

I’ll keep you updated via twitter, young, brave rustlers. Stay strong for me.

Stay strong.