I’m making quite a few adjustments to the way things have been done in the past!

This composition challenge will consist of a prize pool of $150, split $75 between two people.

There will be a “judgement day” on stream where I will select all of the high-quality submissions and have the entire stream listen to them. At the end of this, the stream will vote on which mix they think is their favorite. This will be winner number 1.

The second winner will be chosen by me, based on what I deem to be “the best” mix.

I’m divvying it up this way so that I can still have the submissions be as “free form” as possible without any kind of restrictions on them, but to make it so that the winners every month aren’t just submitting mixes that I’m bias towards.

Also, during the judging process, 90% of all donations/subscriptions will go towards future prize pools for the next competition challenge. This gives me a way to continue funding them without losing money and it allows me to scrape 10% of the shekels off the top (and cover paypal fees etc).

With no further ado, I present to you,

Composition Challenge #5


The primary key is c minor. The first section is just a repetition of a very basic i-iv-vii°-i progression with a quasi-ostinato pattern for the melody. Keeping the same ostinato melody, it then transitions over the relative major of Ab, bouncing between A♭M7 and E♭M7 (if you haven’t noticed from previous challenges, I really really really like this pattern). There’s then a descending string of four chords, A♭M7, gm7, F♯M7, fm7. This composition ends on a D♭ chord simply because I had no other ideas at the time.


All submissions must be submitted no later than midnight, EST, on December 19th, 2014.

Submissions should be posted to the reddit thread linked above where it says “Discuss this on reddit”.


Judging will take place at 1500, EST, on December 21st, 2014.

As a reminder, you grant me a non-exclusive license to use any music submitted to this challenge for my Twitch, Youtube and future tournament series. You still retain 100% of the original rights to the songs and you can revoke this permission at any time.

Good luck!