Questions about politics come up often in chat, so I figured I’d catalog my thoughts about Donald Trump here so I have something concrete to point to every time he’s brought up.

Politics in the United States right now leaves me unimaginably disappointed with Americans. I’m embarrassed to be a citizen of this country now more than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m not one to be nationalistic; I’ve never really taken much pride in being part Cuban or being American or anything. For some reason, though, I am absolutely humiliated that I’m included in a group of people that are seriously considering electing Donald Trump as the head of state.

I have honestly never been more convinced that Democracy is a horrible idea. Every day I see people from all age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds flock to support someone who’s views are so hollow, who’s messages are so vapid, and who’s rhetoric reeks of anti-intellectual thinking. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can tell Trump is just completely full of shit.

  • This is someone who openly supports bringing back “worse” than torture. Even if this were just for terrorists, this is an abhorrent idea. We’re America, we’re supposed to be the good guys, not fucking barbarians. Not to mention the fact that torture doesn’t really work.
    • Bonus Trump stupidity: he says that “Christians” are getting their heads chopped off, then casually mentions “other people” are as well at the end. Funny story, Muslims are by large the number one direct (and indirect) victim of ISIS.
    • Bonus Trump stupidity: Trump says that “not since medieval times” have we seen people getting their heads chopped off. I guess he forgot about people like (NSFL warning, extremely graphic violence) Nick Berg. Also, Saudi Arabia (our ally!) has been beheading people for decades. Again, Trump is very rarely concerned with the facts when he speaks.
  • Trump calls into question the “gross incompetence” of Obama, then claims that we should enact a “total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the United States.” This excerpt has already made it’s way into an Al-Shabaab terrorist recruitment video (an affiliate of Al Qaeda). There are over 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet. Why would you try to paint them all with the same brush?
  • In the infinite wisdom of all of Trump’s foreign political experience, he suggests that we “bomb the shit out of ISIS” and then “take the oil.” Who’s oil does he think we’d be taking? Does he think that ISIS just found that oil lying around on its own? The DoD has intentionally avoided bombing oil infrastructure, and for plenty of good reasons: the environmental impact could be disastrous, rebuilding the infrastructure after reclaiming it would be difficult, and the regions immediately surrounded by ISIS would all be without oil and power.
    • Bonus Trump stupidity: Trump has no idea who General Soleimani is, yet responds in the affirmative, then goes on to further make himself look like a buffoon.
    • Bonus Trump stupidity: Trump loves who Russians are bombing, yet has no idea who they were bombing.
    • Bonus Trump stupidity: Trump recites a story that was probably forwarded to him from someone’s grandmother that is not only completely untrue, but presents an untrue conclusions as well: that violence works better than diplomacy.
  • Trump has also gone on record making fun of John McCain because he was captured in North Vietnam after his plane was shot down. Highlights of McCain’s stay in North Vietnam include: losing 50 pounds, spending 2 years in solitary confinement, having a crushed shoulder, getting bayoneted, getting beaten every two hours while suffering by dysentery, and more. What’s more, when McCain was offered an early release for propaganda purposes, he turned it down, stating every officer captured before him must be released first. You might not like McCain for his politics, but he was an amazing soldier during the war. As a result of the severe torture he endured in Vietnam, McCain is still incapable of raising his arms over his head.
  • Trump wants to send all Syrian refugees home as soon as he becomes president because he thinks that ISIS could possibly be sending a “200,000 man army.” If our border is as porous as he claims it is, why would terrorists risk the vetting process and not just come over from Mexico?
  • He wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration. How does this help us with the 4-5 million illegal immigrants who are here because they over-stayed their visas? What about the Big Bend National park, with almost 120 miles of it running along the border? Are we just going to throw up a huge fence right down the middle of every canyon and river we come across? What about the illegal immigrants brought in by boat? What about the illegal immigrants smuggled in via vehicles? Illegal immigration is a $6,000,000,000/year business, do you seriously think a fence is going to keep these people from continuing to smuggle illegals in and out of our country?

How can his supporters be so naive?

Facts don’t tend to concern people who support Trump, only the rallying cries of “MAEK MERICAA GR8 AGEN”, “WE GONA BUILD A WALL!” and “WE LOSE 2 CHINA NON EVRYTING!!1”

I understand that people in America, as a whole, can be fairly ignorant and uninformed, but I never imagined that someone as ridiculous as Trump would gain such widespread support. It’s disappointing to me because it’s not really Trump that I’m frustrated with, it’s what he reveals about my country: it’s full of hateful, ignorant, xenophobic, racist, bigoted people, and they’re coming out in droves to vote for someone who so enthusiastically embodies everything they believe in.