I receive a ton of e-mails with people asking me how to break in to the streaming scene these days. I thought I’d include a list of three, helpful tips that a lot of the “underground” knows but won’t necessarily share with you.

  • Purchase fake viewers

Twitch sorts streams from most to least viewers and really doesn’t offer any other form of discovery on their site. This means that simply having a lot of viewers is guaranteed to net you more viewers as people click a particular game and see your name at the top of the list. The easiest way to bump yourself up this list is to acquire false viewers via a viewbot. Don’t be afraid about getting caught, though! As long as you don’t show the viewbots on stream, you can continue to stream with no repercussions, just like Massan (proof), Winter (proof), Athene (proof) (proof) and P4wnyhof (proof). Actually, even if you get caught, you could just make another account and get in with Twitch staff to start streaming again like pink_sparkles (proof) (proof)! This only works if you pay close attention to rule number 2, though…

  • Be a reasonably attractive woman

Getting partnered helps a ton when it comes to generating income off of your stream. It allows people to subscribe directly to you so you can receive a generous portion (50%!) of their money, it also gives you your own exclusive Twitch emotes that can be used around Twitch! Getting partnered on Twitch, though, can be quite difficult, as the guidelines request you have an average concurrent viewership of 500+ (not just a one-time peak) + regularly broadcast. There’s an easy shortcut around this, though – just be a reasonably attractive woman who’s “friends” with someone working at Twitch! There are a plethora of women who are partnered without being anywhere near the requirements, like RosieRiver (proof), Syrinnea (proof), Alliestrasza (proof), sarahgracie (proof), shaperka (proof), andrinja (proof), urqueeen (proof), psychoobunny (proof), etc…etc…

  • Scam your viewers

Sometimes making money via donations, subscriptions, raffles, sub trains, shady sponsorships and ad revenue isn’t enough! If that’s the case, it’s time to take things to the next level, just like Syndicate, TmarTn, m0E_tv, and JoshOG! You could rig bets like m0E (proof), or you could pretend to stumble upon a gambling site that you just so happen to own and promote it like Syndicate, TmarTn and JoshOG (proof)(proof).

I hope after reading some of these tips you guys can expand your minds a little and really see the possibilities of expanding your presence on Twitch. Good luck out there, broadcasters!