We live-streamed this voting process once more. Here are the two winners from Composition Challenge #6:

Community Vote Winner – Osvelit – Conflict

Osvelit’s piece did a great job in staying faithful to the original yet branching out into something new and unique. The recorded vocals sounded awesome, I almost wish they were louder. The guitar/post-rocky section worked well as a climax to the piece as well, even if things did seem a bit “crunched” in the middle. The fade out and return to the original verse at the end were handled perfectly as well.

Destiny’s Top Pick – Saturnine – The Song of Khala

I had no idea I’d be picking a piece like this as the winner. Normally I’d opt for something more rocky with some guitar playing, like Osvelit’s earlier piece or UKDaza’s interpretation of this (Cowboy’s from Mars), or I’d go with something more jazzy, like Cparson’s awesome arrangement, The End. I felt like this piece really stuck out in that it went to capture a very, very specific “feel” and it did it almost perfectly. I absolutely loved the bass in this, it was so perfect. The crescendo/decrescendo of the strings is awesome. The hollow sounding xylophone/marimba thing that carries the melody fits the piece perfectly, giving it that sort of “ethereal” sound that’s reflected in every other part of the arrangement. The ending synth-vocals finish the piece off nicely as well. It surprised me how much I enjoyed this piece.

There were a lot of other high quality submissions to this composition challenge as well, all of which can be found in the reddit submission thread.