A bit of misinformation has been spread recently, and just wanted to clear some things up concerning my contract with own3d.

The penalty for leaving was simply paying 60% of the average revenue earned for each of the months that you had remaining on the contract you signed. Nothing was said about “all payments owed to you will be void etc..”

I’m not even sure why I bother with contracts in this industry anymore, to be honest.

This is the contract I signed in its entirety. I have only removed my personal information (address/phone number) for the safety of my family – Own3d.tv contract with Destiny.

5 thoughts on “Own3d Contract

  1. Hey buddy, I just watched the show on Lo3, and Sotg is on soon, try to get on and get ur point in so you can save yourself? It seemed like he was just generalizing to get the interview over with, and the long answers were just repetition of the previous ones given. I wanna hear what you think thanks!

  2. Hi Steven.
    Could you also post that Ubisoft game NDA you quoted in your stream a couple of weeks ago? I think it would spark some interesting conversations on gaming reddits or neogaf.

  3. The thing is, stating in the contract that “all payments owed will be void” doesn’t make logical sense, as what business wants to admit in a contract that intends to make a habit out of not paying their employees on time. Why are people assuming this was in the contract?

  4. Best Line, “In case of termination without good reason…” Good reason.. Who determines “Good Reason” not defined in the contract? Not getting paid is a very “good reason” in any case. This statement of “good reason” is WIDE open for individual interpretation..so having a bad day or a chip on your shoulder might constitute a “good reason.” LOL Game Over GG no Re own3d.tv Case dismissed. Besides, it does not state any required mediation or governing law (Austrailian or USA, State or County). Poorly written contract is poorly writen. Full of loop holes. Clearly, an attorney did NOT write this! They are gonna claim Bankruptcy and absolve any debts.. nothing you can do because it has to be stated IN THE CONTRACT that it may NOT be claimed in the case of a bankruptcy. Sorry. However, you cannot be held responsible for revenue that is not claimed. So they also are SOL. It’s a shit sandwich…you know the rest.