A lot of people e-mail me asking for different build suggestions even though they don’t necessarily want me to put it together. Obviously I can’t respond to everyone, and I don’t have the time to put together a bunch of builds for free, so I’ve heavily researched and spec’d out three different builds at three different price points.

The builds I am crafting are prioritizing the CPU and the GPU over all other parts. That means that these three builds are going to function off of a few key assumptions, so pay close attention –

1. These rigs are exclusively for gaming.

That means that there may be cutbacks made in certain areas where people would prefer different things. For example, you may see an HDD where you would prefer an SSD, or you may see an i5 where you’d prefer an i7, etc…

2. I make no effort for pleasing aesthetics.

Some people like to mix and match different brands of RAM or heatsinks in order to get “prettiest looking” build. If you want to, by all means, go for it, but I won’t be doing that here.

3. I don’t have a “favorite” brand or manufacturer.

I’ll be citing research and benchmarks for the parts I list. If anyone ever tells you “I’m partial to Intel” or “I think nVidia always has the best products..!” without sourcing their claims, don’t take their advice on parts to purchase.

4. The prices are subject to change.

I’m sourcing these now, in early December of 2013, so the prices may be a bit different when you view them, or newer parts may be on the market. Do your homework!

5. These builds do not include optical drives or operating systems.

Everything these days (even OS installs) can be done via USB drives. I highly encourage you to look into it! I’m also not pricing out operating system’s because everyone has different feelings when it comes to different OS’.

6. All of the links below are through my personal, Amazon Affiliate program.

That means that I get paid a certain % of every sale made once your click-through on my links. Everything I like should be available via Amazon Prime. It may be possible to find these parts for cheaper, elsewhere, so I suggest looking around a bit if you think you can find a better price. I’ll include a link to a pcpartpicker list of the parts to assist you in searching other sites for prices at the end of every list.

Alright, that being said, let’s get started!