Since I live-streamed the voting and choosing of these winners, I never actually made a post about it, which was my mistake. Just to clarify, there were indeed two chosen winners, as I said there would be before. A community voted on winner and then a winner that I would choose, personally.

Community Vote Winner – JayTea – Only Dreams Now

JayTea on point with his orchestral/rock arrangements. The biggest problem I find in this piece is the compression of the dynamic contrast, which I’m not entirely sure of the reasoning for, but otherwise it’s a solid arrangement. The ending guitar section brings things to a nice, epic close as well.

Destiny’s Top Pick – Osvelit – Comp Challenge 5

I really liked Osvelit’s take on this piece. I wish this piece were longer in the middle sections, specifically the section starting at 1:48!

There were a lot of other high quality submissions to this composition challenge as well, all of which can be found in the reddit submission thread.

I highly recommend checking out UKDaza’s take on it, as well as cparson’s jazzy arrangement!