Repeating what we did last time for Composition Challenge #5. You can re-read through that post for a refresher on how the judging/ruling will work. I’ll take donations again in an attempt to cover the now $200, split two ways between my winner and the community winner.

Composition Challenge #6


(There’s a little bit of clipping but my piano playing is bad enough and I didn’t want to do a second take.)

Primary key is d minor this time. First section is d, a, BbM7, a, and the second section is g, DM7, EbM7, Bb. The ending chord is just a DbM7(add 9) for no real reason other than I had no idea how else to end it.


All submissions must be submitted no later than midnight, EST, on May 30th, 2015.

Submissions should be posted to the reddit thread linked above where it says “Discuss this on reddit” in the following format:

Name submitter wishes to go by: [name]

Name of and link to piece: [name of piece, with link]

The name doesn’t necessarily have to be the same one you use on reddit/soundcloud, though using a consistent name helps for branding. The piece should be downloadable to the public.


Judging will take place at 1500, EST, on May 31st June 7th, 2015.

As a reminder, you grant me a non-exclusive license to use any music submitted to this challenge for my Twitch, Youtube and future tournament series. I will not and cannot DMCA any piece of music you ever submit to this contest, whether you or another person posts or uses it. You still retain 100% of the original rights to the songs and you can revoke my permission to use your submissions at any time with no notice.

Good luck!