Streaming, exercising, Las Vegas, and sickness. It’s been quite a month!

This was my first month on the Convict Conditioning program, and it’s been interesting. I’ve more or less started at all of the basic exercises, then worked my way up from the super basic ones to the ones that are actually challenging for me to complete.

I’m not going to include body shots in this post (or probably the next one, either) because I look essentially the same, but I feel different! Here are a couple of really cool things I’ve noticed/learned/experienced over the past month –

1) The “soreness” of working out every day is gone, pretty much completely. After the first week or so, it was very annoying, sometimes lasting 48 hours after training that particular muscle group, but now I don’t have to worry about it at all. It’s really hard to not want to train every other day, but I’m still giving muscle groups 2 days of rest between workouts.

2) Going along with the first one, there are added benefits that I never even really considered before! Things like “mowing the lawn” that would always leave me feeling sore the next day now have no affect on me. The last week that I mowed the lawn, I worked arms almost immediately after, and even after all of that I still felt fine the next day. While I was in Vegas I spent a large portion of the day simply walking around the strip with Erin and I wasn’t sore at all in my legs the next day. To some people this seems really silly or insignificant, but it’s really surprising/nice for me to experience it for the first time.

3) I never had a “high metabolism”…I was just eating way less than I thought I was. I haven’t really started counting calories or anything like that yet, but I noticed when I started my workouts that I never had the energy to actually do that. Once I started eating more, I noticed that changed immediately. I’d always considered myself someone who simply had a high metabolism and was able to eat a lot, but after starting my workout I really noticed that I was simply not eating that much, even if it felt like I could eat a ton.

4) The Gold Standard protein drinks are easily doable, they taste pretty good (using the double chocolate one). My only complaint is that it’s impossible to completely stir out all of the “lumps” in the mixture. I’m considering purchasing a blender for it, but I’m not sure if it’s even worth it just to mix chocolate milk. I tried mixing it into pancake batter and it actually turned out pretty well, which was surprising to say the least.

I had to wind down on the workouts at the end of this month because I’ve been pretty sick, which sucks, but I’m finally getting over it and I hope to restart my routine tomorrow when I wake up.

Next update will be the 1st of next month!