Current upper body pictures –

There were a few additional benefits for me getting into a steady schedule with streaming: it allowed me to start to actually schedule other things. I’ve spent the last month getting into a routine doing bodyweight workouts (MRTs AS I’VE BEEN LEAD TO BELIEVE). Also in the last month I’ve had fast food two times. Before that month, I’d probably go out to eat at least 20 times a month, and that’s low-balling it (not joking).

I know it seems really silly/stupid to some of you, but those that know, know it can be really hard to break the cycle of constantly eating out. So I’m really proud that I’ve moved onto making food for myself. It’s also saving me a bit of money, which is cool. I’m kind of happy with the MRT stuff as well, though I’m ready to kick that up a notch as well.

Starting next Monday I’ll be doing a new routine of MRT stuff based on the “Convict Conditioning” book by Paul Wade. The exercises seem like they make sense, and all of the exercises are body-weight based, which means I don’t have to worry about ever leaving the house (because I could never stand to deprive you guys of more stream time).

I’m not really “supr omg srs” on the dieting part yet; I’m just eating cooked stuff and being relatively healthy in terms of food selection (oat/grain based bread, minimal junk food, drinking water/milk/v8 instead of any soda). I have no plans yet to do any crazy bulking or smash back protein shakes for epic muscle gains. I appreciate all of your suggestions for new diets, but honestly, 90% of you are completely fucking retarded when it comes to suggesting someone a new diet so I’m going by a collection of all of the information I’ve gotten. (Test if you’ve read this far: If anyone in the comment section below suggests any kind of diet with a ridiculous amount of protein + 3k+ carbs so that I can get a huge bulk going, even though I’m not going to the gym or spending 2 hours a day working out, you’re going to get banned from my subreddit PEACE)

I’ll be doing a month by month update for two reasons: 1) it keeps me accountable, I’d feel bad posting the same body every single month, and 2) I’m curious to see the changes as well, and 3) maybe other people out there will be curious about how this particular conditioning/workout regiment works.

If you have any questions/suggestions/etc…feel free to leave them on my subreddit, and if you’re a hot grill I’ll respond.