How does it work?

You start off with 325 points and the ability to unlock champions to add to your fantasy roster. Those champions gain points for you based on how I perform in my games on stream. For a more detailed breakdown of how the points work, you can view the rules listed at the bottom of the league page –

The first beta-season is going to be starting tomorrow, on Monday! The season will end on June 30th.


What can I win?

Subscribers are eligible for real prizes (cash paid out to Paypal accounts), but anyone can play.

Subscriber prizes:

1st: $150

2nd: $100

3rd: $75

4th: $50

None-Subscriber prizes:

1st: A metaphorical pat on the back

2nd: A metaphorical high five

3rd: 15 internet dollars, redeemable: no where

4th: A free gmail account, that you have to set-up yourself


I’ll be a bit more creative with the prizes next season. This one is mainly just a beta test to see how things go.